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(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now.tonight at 11. >> freezing weather sticking around the bay area tonight. earlier. people in san jose bundled up. trying to stay warm. layering with jackets and hats. and in the north bay. frigid temperatures this morning. here's video of san rafael. where it dipped into the twenties.
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a freeze warning and frost advisory is in effect tonight. i'm here with kron4's jacqueline bennett in the weather center. she has more on just how cold it's going to get tonight. >> it is freezing here in the studio and i feel bad for people. 33 in livermore. darden 9 through half moon bay. is to say, it is going to be cold 20's and '30's for the morning lows. as for goal for the morning hours a bit of relief but we are going to wake up to frosty and temperatures in your neighborhood, coming up >> freezing temperatures are creating a high demand for portable heaters. in fact, some stores are running out and may not get anymore until after this cold snap.
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our team coverage continues. kron 4's reggie kumar tells us which retailers still have supplies in stock. >> reporter: beatrice davis just purchased one of the last portable heaters at walmart in san leandro. >> where is the rest going to go? >> where ever relying going to be. that's aheater. that's certainly not the case at ace hardware in el cerrito. there are shelves and two rooms full of portable heaters. even though. sales have doubled compared to this same time last year. store manager jeffery pryde says purchasing extra heaters is always a gamble for them.but, this year it may payoff. some customers are shocked at the number of years. >> if you rattle off the names. they say that they have no heaters and they are not going to get anymore and so they end up coming here.
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if you do not have the full selection i think that we would have a least 30-40 different styles at all times. >> reporter: in el cerrito reggie kumar kron 4 news. >> major damage at a home in larkspur. a 150- foot redwood tree collapses and crashes into the second story. the tree. which stood in a yard across the street. fell late this morning. and ended up stretching across the road. problems still exist tonight. kron-4's charles clifford is live in larkspur. with a closer look at the damage. charles? >> reporter: it is just about 30 degrees right now. and in the last one hour i have still seen the peach i heard
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this phaedrus sound it sounded like an explosion. this--pandarus sound. clearly something had happened. that the addres founds thundering sound. the redwood fell because of the rutted route system. rotted root system with the water dripping down contributing to the rooting
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system that failed, because of that concrete it kept to roots from spreading out of sta. new at 11. police are asking the public to help identify a man who robbed a san rafael bank earlier this month. you're looking at surveillance photographs. authorites say, a suspect entered the west america bank on francisco boulevard and demanded money from a teller. they say, once he was given the cash he fled on foot. the suspect is described as a white male in his thirties. standing between five- six and six-one. and weighing between 160-to-200 pounds. >> this just in -- police say, one man was shot in east oakland tonight. the shooting happened on crest avenue, shortly before 8- this evening. police say the victim ran from the scen as the suspects fled in car. they say the victim is in
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stable, but critical condition tonight. meanwhile, this news adds on to violence that erupted in oakland this past weekend. 15 people shot over the weekend. including five at a birthday party sunday night. sunday's shooting came. after four people were shot and killed friday. today, oakland city officials promising action. more on that part of the story coming up. first, kron4's grant lodes shows us where the shootings took place. >> there were four on friday. you can see that three of the four were in the middle of the afternoon. on saturday, there were two more shootings. three people were shot on this one location on harmony /seminary. and also to yesterday. near seminary and
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3 people were hit.. violent couple of days grant, kron 4. >> pam: oakland police chief howard jordan says, rival groups are connected to a number of city. >> we have all arrested one person and that is involved in one of the shootings from last friday. two of those people from this weekend work involving groups of people. these are two different groups that are involved in about 90% of the violence and oakland. >> pam: in addition to the one arrest. o-p-d confiscated 11- illegal firearms while officers were out investigating the shootings that occurred over the weekend. >> the nation's debate on gun control. continues. president obama re-issued a call to action. coming up, some solutions his special task force is working on. >> plus, a turning point in the lance armstrong doping scandal. what sources are saying about his interview with oprah winfrey.
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>> , up later in this broadcast the 49ers play off time. everybody loves the 49ers, jacqueline, pam also love the 49ers. we will check it out, coming up.
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>> pam: an inside source says. during an interview with oprah winfrey today. disgraced cycling champion - lance armstrong admitted to using performance enhancing drugs. armstrong was stripped of his seven tour de france titles last year. after a u.s. anti- doping agency report shed light on his extensive doping regimen. earlier today, armstrong apologized to his 'live strong' charity organization. and asked that they continue to help those with cancer and their families. afterwards, armstrong left to prepare for his interview with oprah. which will air on thursday.
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>> jacqueline: it is already cold tonight. temperatures in the 20's and 30's.
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>> jacqueline: a freeze warnings in effect. do have
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one more morning of very frigid temperatures. tomorrow and tomorrow afternoon. the satellite and radar showing storm activity to the north of us. still, temperatures are going to be plummeting. we are talking 26 degrees in napa. 35 in richmond, 35 in daly city. 27 and 26 in fairfield. freezing in san jose. sunnyvale, of redwood city, 32 degrees. and the low is right at freezing in frisco. the bay shore, and for the self bay, until 9:00 a.m., sub-freezing temperatures for the south bay. again, you are going to want to give yourself some extra time in case you have your
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frosty windshield. whittle mid '50s for the most part. upper 50s. whit-low mid '50s. santa rosa, with the low-mid '80s. and tomorro very cold. if haazig madyun haazig mady and temperatures are going to be run 40 degrees. and 60. >> pam: a surge in bart ridership is welcome news to the transit agency, but it is a different story for the riders themselves. kron 4's dan kerman has a look at the numbers. and how the transit system is trying to keep pace. >> if you've been noticing board is a little bit crowded these days or not alone. with people getting ready to go into san francisco in the morning and afternoon. take a look at this station. there was a line to get on and it was quoted. but by that time i
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got to the embarcadero, for that about it. you see it that it is standing room only. you might be on your feet for very little personal space for almost 30 minutes. >> i notice that i am standing a lot more. >> i am standing all the time. they need more trains. >> reporter: with the high gas prices, the bart rider ship his skyrocketing. it is skyrocketing. this 6 percent hike is much higher than that the 1 percent hike that bart was anticipating poor this year. and the future needs. for bart, they need more passenger cars. now remember, there are only 60 seats. and at least 40
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people are standing in the maximum that you could have on a car is 142 people still, the best not comfortable. the max that you could have on a car is 122 people they say that they need at least 1000 o more subway cars but those are not on the way for at least four more years. >> pam: new at 11. the san mateo county narcotics task force arrested. a man who officials say is suspected of selling illegal firearms out of his house and car. police arrested antonio infante at his home on speers avenue on friday. infante is a convicted felon, which prevents him from owning a firearm. police recovered two revolvers. one semi- automatic handgun. and an s-k-s assault rifle. that's what you're looking at here. authorities also recovered hundreds of rounds of
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ammunition. >> a shooting in san jose left one man in the hospital tonight. it happened on hayes avenye. police arrived on scene and found a 20-year-old male suffering from a gunshot wound. this is video from sky-7 h- d. the victim was taken to a hospital and is expected to be okay. police say the shooting may be gang- related. the investigation is on going. >> the 16- year- old california boy accused of shooting a classmate, pleaded not guilty to attempted murder and other charges today. here you can see bryan oliver in kern county superior court. the judge set bail at one- point- five- million- dollars. oliver is charged as an adult with two counts of attempted murder. and three counts of assault with a deadly weapon. that's after allegedly opening fire at taft high school last week. two people were hurt in the shooting. >> the national debate on
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gun control is happening in part - because the president has re-issued a call for action on gun violence. particularly after the mass shooting in new town, connecticut one month ago today. his special task force, aimed at coming up with solutions. has been busy. the president is acknowledging an uphill fight in congress. so now he's looking at actions he can take on his own to fight gun violence. >> "if we can save even one kid's life.have to take that step." >> pam: the vice-president has been holding a series of meetings. including this one with cabinet members. some of the ideas on the table. reinstate the expired ban on assault weapons. limit magazines which have more than 10 rounds. and ensure better access to mental health care. >> secretary of state hillary clinton is going to testify in front of the
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house foreign affairs committe later this month. about the deadly september 11th libya attack. clinton will answer questions about the raid that killed u-s ambassador chris stevens and three other american citizens. she was scheduled to testify last month but was hospitalized after doctors discovered a blood clot in her head following a concussion. clinton plans to step down from her post and president barack obama nominated senator john kerry to replace her. gary's has some offseaon a's and giants news straight ahead plus.the 49ers versus the falcons.winner is on to the superbowl. gary has more on the big!
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>> its back to back nfc before igniters want tthe forty- niners want to make an impact --. and take a look. everybody knows the numbers, 181 yards he trhew for 263 . is colin kaepernick.
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>> i played great today. the running backs played well and that the receivers made place. >> the best the plate, and it is unbelievable. the best that he -- played. >> it is unbelievable. >> he is an amazing player. he runs the ball well, he is a strong throw ou paths and executes well. >> if you have been trying to deal with this heat? >>
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>> and anyway, it was quite a saturday and no anticipating ravens john harbaugh the big brother will be in the championship jim harbaugh's brother john has led the ravens to their 2nd stright afc championship game in overtime peyton manning threw the uncharacteritic interception in overtime with the game tied at 35 shortly thereafter justin tucker kicked the game- winning 47-yard field goal to win it the harbaugh brothers father jack was also a coach this weekend was especially exciting for him >> my parents are in their 70's. that is a lot of excitement. that is a lot of action. going back to back to back. triple episodes. >> and he is a keefer
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sutherland fan and bob melvin rewarded for his run with a 2 year extension the american league of the year and buster posy if i owned a team, but i would hope that he would reather be with his ball club he will go right to spring traininga nd ryan vogelson could play but the sharks are back on the ice they had their first workout yesterday holding it
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in front of some very happy fans they open up at the calgary flames this sunday. todd mcclellan >> , many people said that the fans were not going to show up they were wrong. >> do not look at me. that cool air got your head [laughter] >> good night, everybody..

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